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Pink Panther - 55th Anniversary Special #1 - 2018 American Mythology


  1. Pink Panther - Bronco Pinky - 12 pages
  2. Pink Panther - Pink Wallet - 8 pages
  3. Pink Panther Classics - Pink Pigskin - 8 pages



Pink Panther #47 - Gold Key Oct. 1977


  1. Bronco Pinky - Pinky doesn't have enough money to cover his bills, and takes on various crazy jobs. Hijinks ensue.
  2. Pink Wallet - Pinky tries to return a wallet to a woman and hijinks ensue.
  3. Pink Pigskin - Laurel & Hardy get Pinky to join Coach Big Nose's football team as a lucky mascot. Hijinks ensue.


Digital Availability

  • Pink Panther 55th Anniversary Special #1 can still be purchased on Amazon for the Kindle. (Formerly Comixology.)

Diamond Previews Description

  • (W) Todd Livingston, Anne Toole (A) Bill Glavan (CA) Jazz dela Cuesta
  • The first Pink Panther movie debuted in 1963, an amazing 55 years ago, and introduced the world to the coolest animated cat ever, the Pink Panther!  Since then we've enjoyed this feisty feline's antics in movies, cartoons, and of course, comic books!  Come celebrate this milestone with brand new Pink Panther adventures and hijinks as he confounds The Little Man and tickles your funny bone.  The Pink Panther 55th Anniversary Special comes with three covers - Main by Jazz Dela Cuesta, Pink Hijinks by Bill Galvan, and a 55th Anniversary Retro Limited Edition Cover.
  • Order Code: MAR181092
  • In Shops: May 23, 2018