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RogerBlake RogerBlake 22 days ago

Style Guide

The Pink Panther isn't Stranger Things or Game of Thrones where people will read the wiki to get caught up on previous seasons so they can watch the new season with their friends.

The main goal should be to remind the reader, in a concise manor, if they have seen the cartoon short/episode before or not.

The brief story description on the Official Pink Panther YouTube channel is good enough. Long descriptions that hit every action of the cartoon are unnecessary and unwanted.

Big Nose, not The Little Man.

Story not Synopsis or Plot.

Notes not Trivia.

Every episode/short page should have an Availability section so the reader can know where to find the episode/short.

No Stubs/Under Construction stuff. The pages have the information they have. There's…

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RogerBlake RogerBlake 23 May

BIG NOSE vs The Little Man

MGM/UA officially renamed The Little Man as Big Nose more than 12 years ago.

All mentions of the character should read Big Nose on the entire Wiki.

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RogerBlake RogerBlake 18 May 2021

Wiki Adoption

It's my intention to adopt this Wiki.

I am open to comments on same.

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Shah Mohi Shah Mohi 11 May 2021

hi im new

Hi Guys Im New To The Pink Panther Wiki So I Know What To Do

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