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Sleigh is the hero and protagonist of Curse of the Pink Panther, in the final chapter of the story. Following Clouseau's dissapearance while investigating the theft of The Pink Panther once more, it is decided that a great investigative genius must be entrusted with the mission to bring the detective and the jewel back to France. Dreyfus does not want Clouseau back, so he ensures that they send the biggest idiot in the world (second only to Clouseau), the geeky, clumsy Sleigh.

The French Connection immediately try to rub Sleigh out, but he defeats them thanks to the help of the mysterious Juleta Shayne. He also seeks allies in Cato, Dr. Balls and even the Lyttons.

Finally he locates Clouseau; the detective is currently living with the woman who stole the diamond, as he is in love with her. Sleigh in then paid off by Dreyfus not to reveal Closueau's whereabouts.

Sleigh's bumbling antics, like those of Clouseau, result in several injuries to Dreyfus, but he is more forgiving to Sleigh than he was to Clouseau.