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March of Comics 418 (Puzzle Edition) - The Pink Panther - Royal Pink - Western Publishing June 1976 - (story first published in 1973)

This version of March of Comics 418 came Free in the Whitman Pink Panther - Jewel Thief In Park - Jigsaw Puzzle released in 1977. It has a vastly different cover than all of the standard versions.

The March of Comics line of comics were mini comics that stores could buy from Western Publishing to give away to kids, often with shoe purchases.

Story Reprints

Royal Pink is in at least 4 issues of March of Comics.. 


  1. The Pink Panther - Royal Pink - 14 pages
  2. The Pink Panther - Scramble-Match - 1 page puzzle
  3. The Inspector - Clue Puzzle - 1 page puzzle


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