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March of Comics 418 (Puzzle Edition) - The Pink Panther - Royal Pink - Western Publishing June 1976 - (story first published in 1973)


  1. The Pink Panther - Royal Pink - 14 pages
  2. The Pink Panther - Scramble-Match - 1 page puzzle
  3. The Inspector - Clue Puzzle - 1 page puzzle

Story Reprints

Royal Pink is in at least 4 issues of March of Comics.. 


  • A version of March of Comics 418, with a different cover, came Free in the Whitman Pink Panther - Jewel Thief In The Park - Jigsaw Puzzle released in 1977. It has a vastly different cover than all of the standard versions.
  • The March of Comics line of comics were mini comics that stores could buy from Western Publishing to give away to kids, often with shoe purchases.


Puzzle Edition