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The Pink Panther
Episode 56
Air date January 8, 1969
Written by John W. Dunn
Directed by Hawley Pratt
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Pink-A-Rella is the 56th episode of the Pink Panther series. It is also the title of a VHS tape.


The story starts with a drunk witch flying on a broomstick, who drops her wand, which the Pink Panther discovers. He tests it out to see what it can do, and then decides to use it for the greater good. Later, he spots a poor, penniless girl dressed in rags, longing to take part in a beauty contest to meet Pelvis Parsley (a parody of entertainer Elvis Presley).

The Panther then helps her out by transforming her into a stunningly beautiful girl, her hovel a beautiful house, and a junked car into stretch limousine to take her to the TV station. On the way to the contest, the witch arrives, and snatches back her wand, but upon escaping, she crashes into a clock tower. The Pink Panther, realizing it is midnight, runs back to escape with the girl, but not before her slipper falls off, and the magic wears off. The next day, Pelvis Parsley arrives and finds that the slipper fits the girl, and takes her away with him on a date to Las Vegas. The girl waves thank you before she and Pelvis drive off into the night.

The witch, again drunk, drops her wand, and the Panther picks it up. They both start fighting, transforming each other into a variety of objects, before the Pink Panther, upon accident, transforms her into a female Pink Panther. He snaps the wand into two, whistles up the former witch's broomstick, and both Pink Panthers fly away in the moonlit skies of the night.


  • The Pink Panther
  • The Poor Girl
  • Pelvis Parsley (a parody of entertainer Elvis Presley)
  • Witch
  • Female Pink Panther


  • First appearance of a Female Pink Panther.
  • When it first aired on NBC, the witch's glass of alcohol she refills with her magic wand is replaced with a chicken drumstick, and the "Champagne Flight" Text was removed.
  • One of the 5 Cartoons that got a VHS Release in 1997.
  • The Witch would later appear in the 1993 TV Series.



The Pink Panther in "Pink-A-Rella"