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The Pink Panther
Episode 70
Air date October 20, 1971
Written by Art "Arthur" Leonardi
Directed by Art "Arthur" Davis
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Gong with the Pink
Pink 8 Ball

Pink-In is the 70th episode Of Blake Edwards Pink Panther.



The Pink Panther is reading a letter, which reminds him of the old moments he had:

  • 1. G.I. Pink: The first scene. But when The Pink Panther shoot The Little Man with the broom, is changed: The pink panther is going to Mess Hall.
  • 2. Pink in the Clink: The first scene, added a scene when he crush The Package Manager (The Little Man).
  • 3. Pink Pajamas: The shower scene and the electric toothbrush, added when the electric toothbrush escapes of the room.
  • 4. Pickled Pink: The Unbreakable Egg Scene
  • 5. The Pink Package Plot: The First chase of the package scene, and the leader scene.

When he finishes the leader, he looks a PostData: "By the way pal, did you ever deliver that package?", He realizes the P.S. And he also realized what happened to the package in the case of The Pink Package Plot, so he tried to deliver the package to the dog's place, but his delivery failed.