Pink Piper is the 86th Pink Panther Cartoon in the Series.


The Pink Panther is a traveling Pied Piper of Hamelin who encounters an old English village home besieged by pesky rodents. For a fee, he uses a tune on his enchanted pipe to induce one of the troublesome mice to follow him out of the village, but the mouse starts sluriping on a lemon, the Pink Panther stops playing the flute, and the mouse scurries back to the house it was plaguing. The enraged home-owner refuses to allow the panther to try again and buys a house-cat to combat the rodent. Fearing for his reputation, the Pink Panther acts to circumvent the cat and lure the mouse and its entire large family out of the house, direct to his own humble abode, where the mooching mice eat all of his food. The panther decides to become a drummer instead and attracts a parade of elephants from a zoo, which follow him against his will, and the lead mouse helps the panther by scaring the elephants away.


  • The Pink Panther
  • The Little Man
  • Pesky Rodents
  • A House Cat
  • A Parade of Elephants



The Pink Panther in "Pink Piper"

The Pink Panther in "Pink Piper"