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The Pink Panther
Episode 28
Pink of the Litter.png
Air date May 17, 1967
Written by John W. Dunn
Directed by Hawley Pratt
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Pink Posies
In the Pink

The Pink Panther is caught littering in the town of Litterburg, and as punishment, he has to clear all of the litter in the entire town. The Pink Panther manages to gather up all the litter into a pile and tries burning it but a fireman storms in and sprays him and his lighter with a hose before showing him an ordinance that Trash burning isn't allowed within the city Limits. The Panther then drives with all the litter in the back of a truck and tries dumping out all the liter outside of the city limits but a Sheriff stops him and shows him a sign, he cannot litter even outside the city limits, forcing him to take the litter back into his truck before dumping it all inside of a hole, unaware that its actually a Geyser before it erupts, causing all the litter to go back in the city. The Panther gathers up the litter and uses a bottle of instant shrink, shooting all the litter out using a slingshot but it bounces off a water tower, a telephone wire, a billboard, and finally a gas station sign, causing it to go into the window of the police department and it lands inside of the Cop's cup of water before hitting the cop. The litter then un-shrinks and fills up the entire police station. The Panther then tries to get rid of the litter by crushing it all in a steam roller, folding it up into a paper airplane and make it go flying away via a rocket. The plan backfires as the rocket explodes and the litter falls back into the city again and onto the cop. The Panther then gathers it up again and presses it down using the steamroller again but this time he cuts it into pieces and puts them into frames, selling them as pop art. The plan is successful and he pays the cop with the money he obtained from selling the art. With all the litter gone, the Mayor gives him the key to the city and the Panther is recognized as a Hero for clearing up all the litter. Unfortunately, this is short lived as the mayor turns back and realizes the city is a mess again after the Panther's celebration. The mayor takes back the key and gives the panther the broom, the panther has to clean up the mess again despite the fact that it wasn't his fault to begin with for the celebration.

Blake Edwards' Pink Panther

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