Pinkadilly Circus is the 38th Pink Panther Episode producted in the Series.

Blurg Edit

A drunk man stumbles out of a bar and helps the Pink Panther get a tack out of his foot. Indebted, the Pink Panther follows the drunk home. The gentleman’s domineering wife leaves him first, then the maid. The maid returns with a big bulldog who hates panthers. The Pink Panther hides behind the drunk. The tables are turned on the wife when the Pink Panther moves in.

Plot Edit

A little, pointy-nosed playboy coming out of a nightclub does a good deed for the Pink Panther by pulling a nail out of the panther's foot, and the grateful panther becomes slave to the little man, assisting him to compel his shrewish wife to do all the chores at home, cleaning behind him as he drops his cigar ashes and beer cans on the floor. Each time the wife tries to retaliate against her inconsiderate husband, the playboy slob whistles for the Pink Panther to roar at her and frighten her into submission. Tables turn when the wife pulls a nail out of the Pink Panther's foot and the panther is now her slave and allows her to smash bottles on her playboy husband's head.