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The Pink Panther
Episode 55
Pinkcome Tax Title.png
Air date December 20, 1968
Written by David "Dave" Detiege
Directed by Art "Arthur" Davis
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The Pink Package Plot

Pinkcome Tax is the 55th Episode in the Series.


In this episode, which happened in medieval England, tax collectors try to forcefully gather as much money from poor people as possible.

Unfortunately, for our big-nosed friend, the Little Man, he didn't have any money with him, so he got arrested.

Kind-hearted Pink Panther sees the Little Man being arrested and tries to rescue him.

Pink Panther then sends the Little Man a letter that he will rescue him, through the jail window, only for the letter to reach the guard and the guard getting very suspicious. Then Pink Panther tears open a part of the wall and get in to tell the Little Man to get out, only to be trapped inside after the guard sees the torn open part of the wall and decides to cement it.

Then when the guard is sleeping, Pink Panther sneakily takes the jail key from him and opens the door for the Little Man, only for the Little Man to be thrown in forcefully again. The jail door, however, was slammed so hard that it breaks and falls apart, allowing for Pink Panther and the Little Man to easily escape.

However, the guard caught them trying to escape, and another failed attempt to escape started, involving a series of medieval iron maidens, crocodiles, and chases.

Pink Panther and the Little Man did escape for a moment after finding the exit, but there are gallows on top of the exit door and after Pink Panther opened the door, the gallows fell on him, tearing apart his back fur, but the Little Man was otherwise unharmed.

Finally, Pink Panther and the Little Man got caught by the guard again, got relocated to another cell, and were both arrested again, and Robin Hood sends a letter from the outside, promising that he would rescue them both. However, Robin Hood got arrested and got thrown into the same cell too, and Pink Panther tore Robin Hood's letter after seeing Robin Hood arrested.






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