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Pinto Pink
is a 1967 episode of The Pink Panther.

Plot Edit

Pink Panther tries to ride a horse going to Anaheim, which his hitch encounters his injuries. He knew it was hard to do it because the horse causes him injury and the horse laughing. After failed attempts, along with the last attempt, Pink Panther links roller skates to the horse. When he does this, the horse careens out for chaos and lands to a railway. The train chases them to run them over. When Pink Panther crashes to a "Stop" sign, it flies him and crashing to an Anaheim sign, causing him serious injury. Along with the Anaheim sign fixed, and Pink Panther in bandages, will need a horse, but was blown by the truck's exhaust steam, and the horse laughing.

Laugh track Edit

The episode has a laugh track which was generated by Walter Greene and Henry Mancini. Also, the laugh track was added in Poland channels TV 4 and TV 6.