Prefabricated Pink is a 1967 episode of The Pink Panther.

Plot Edit

Pink Panther joins a construction crew at a building site, which his construction services encounter some massive destruction. His first disaster is slamming the door by ruining a paint worker's plaster work as the plaster liquefies because of the slam. The next disaster is Pink Panther putting hot rivets from the rivet bucket and pours to a worker's hard hat. When the worker puts his hard hat on, he encounters scorch pain and falls to Foreman. The third disaster is slamming the door again. The next disaster is fighting against a sticky paint. After it several times, Pink Panther puts glue and left: when he pulls the rope, he was crushed by the i-beam. The next disaster is slamming the door again but closes it again: when Pink Panther sneezes and the plaster liquefies again, it causes the paint worker to cry. Pink Panther's last disaster is trying to move a steel beam, causing it to hit the wooden beam carried by one of the construction workers and triggers a building site destruction along with the workers injured. The workers: who are injured and angry starts to chase Pink Panther. Panicking, he flees the angry workers and the episode ends.

Laugh track Edit

The episode has a laugh track which was generated by Walter Greene and Henry Mancini. Also, The Pink Panther also airs Gulli a laugh track.

Glitches/Errors Edit

  • Show distributions MGM-Mirisch Productions-ITC Entertainment accidentally renamed the episode to "Fabricated Pink".
  • When Pink Panther flees the angry workers, the paint worker vanished.
  • Foreman did not appear at the episode again before the episode ends.

Trivia Edit

  • The paint worker's hat resembles Island Paints hats.
  • The Island Paints logo appears in the paint worker's hat.
  • The ending theme at the episode is a salute jig theme.