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Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat is the 2nd cartoon short of the The Inspector series. The short was released theatrically on February 1st, 1966.



The short begins with the Inspector describing that a notorious smuggler criminal named Captain Clamity is wanted, along with his mate, Crab Louie. Sergeant Deux Deux drives his police motorcycle to the waterfront, with The Inspector in a passenger cart attached to it. When the motorcycle stops, the cart detaches and the Inspector is launched into the water. Deux-Deux becomes surprised and thinks that he is having a bad day, implying that he should've slept on the wrong side of the bed. The Inspector and Deux Deux try over and over to capture Captain Clamity and Crab Louie. Hijinks ensue.

Comic Adaptation

This story was adapted in the Western Publishing comics. It was adapted as the Inspector comic story Sea? Si', Sir! which appeared in the first issue of the Pink Panther comic and was reprinted numerous times. The comic features Captain Clamity, Sgt. Deux Deux and The Commissioner, but does not feature Crab Louie.