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Sergeant Deux Deux is a character from The Inspector created by Friz Freleng. He works as a companion for the Inspector in the cartoons, helping him in investigations.

A recurring joke involves the Inspector usually telling Deux Deux, whenever Deux Deux says "Si",: "Don't say 'Sí', say 'Oui'", to which Deux Deux would reply "Sí, I mean 'Oui'".

In Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat, Deux Deux was advised not to say "Oui-sick", but "Seasick". At a time of panic, Deux Deux exclaims "¡Holy frijoles!", meaning "Holy beans!". Sometimes, Deux Deux ends up as the winner, when he arrests the culprit, usually without much of a struggle, as in The Pique Poquette of Paris and Ape Suzette. Whenever he attempts to take risks to capture the criminal, he becomes nervous as he is forced to do it by Clouseau, and wishes he would be in sunny Barcelona, relaxing, which is located in Spain, his hometown. Sometimes he becomes distracted and is easily discouraged while trying to catch the culprit, or he mistakes the Inspector for the culprit.

Deux-Deux's eyes are typically closed, but his eyes open in great stress, excitement, or when a disaster occurs.

While both characters bore the brunt of the slapstick, a sense of dedication to the police force and repeated attempts would achieve mixed success, as the Inspector and Deux Deux would generally either apprehend the wanted criminal or recover the item assigned to them. Pat Harrington, Jr. provided the voice for the Inspector and also supplied the voice of the Inspector's assistant, Spanish gendarme named Deux Deux, a common French nickname for Eduard/Eduardo. The frustrated Commissioner was voiced primarily by Paul Frees. Larry Storch, Marvin Miller, and Mark Skor also alternated providing the Commissioner's voice as well.

From puzzle in Mo Pa Sa Pink Panther #21


In the Inspector comic stories, the Inspector does his bungling alone, for the most part. Very few of the stories feature Sgt. Deux Deux. Most, but far from all, feature The Commissioner. Sgt. Deux Deux was popular with the international publishers. He appears on the covers and in the end papers of several of the UK Annuals. Sgt. Deux Deux was also very popular in the Argentinian comics published by Editorial Mo Pa Sa. Sgt. Deux Deux also accompanies the Inspector in the recent comics published by American Mythology.

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