And after an absence of many years, The Pink Panther , it started to come back again . At that news, it is not like I play my 007 back so I do not think Pink Panther is back again ... but just where a comet . The story is about a case of kidnapping Princess Jasmine (Debrah Farentino) , which Police Commissioner Charles Dreyfus 's (Herbert Lom) has joined this arrangement . He also met with Police patrolman named Jacque scams Brett Kelly (Roberto Benigni) , who he felt was similar to what I look like . Superintendent of the Luso chores. And the future of dating , I found out that he is the son of Luso ( I really could not be traced . I just met the first round. Dreyfus was worse then ... it will be one girl told another that can make a huge nemesis Dreyfus in size again ) . Now Jacob had helped the case dating Princess Jasmine is so now . The result would have guessed it. But over here, it must be managed turbulent Pink Panther style anyway. It is not a bad tie me. The mother of Jacob . Gambier Bay Kelly This is Maria scams Libre Kelly , a heroine of the film Pink Panther at A Shot in The Dark it is in it played by Elke Sommer But now, Claudia Cardinale has been cast . instead ( which she also played the role of Sean in the Pink Panther Princess Magdalene first too. It is not uncommon here . I like this series use the same actors . Played in a different time ) . Despite the tie was not bad. But the pressure is not great here in me. I finished the Augustinians . The leather texture , it is OK . It's fresh and fun and funny . Although not much was Roberto Benigni is very hard today ( Yes, he was the one with the Oscar that Life is Beautiful ), this pin is an actor who is already hard and skated well. I myself will judge hastily too much even. ( Ted Wass fate really played the first silent too . This period is too eager to push the Garn ) . But really, I just play hard and slippery Roberto solve real But the story is not interesting in it. Hector can be boring with me. Here 's the real me. I really do not want to see me pull in viewers . I have just moved sluggishly . The other actor . It's not colorful like Farentino and Robert Davi as the villain Hans Tsar Obama is , still life on the run , or even in my old Burt Kwouk owned by Kato , Graham Stark is back with a professor on Saskatchewan . balls like the invention of the letter to the Luso did not laugh as much as the old one before then . Lom was amazing , even though he still makes people smile. But was not crazy about it. As the previous one . If convicted , this would blame the director because I 'm not me , not even his reputed director Blake Edwards . But the film is a true son of Geoffrey Edwards Blake because I made ​​the film to around 3 percent in the fourth I had so much fun with this that it would be his responsibility to it. I agree that the plain film . Although the music was excellent , but even Henry Mancini on the film but I do not walk on a fresh comedy was so sluggish as far as Roberto Benigni , he looks to me that I effort . Become over- active character to do . Which seems too high for myself . I balance it with me. See it strange as well. It was so-so because I do not Roberto crazy , but the other part of the movie I really tedious conflict here . It's not the mellow like that. If movie stars than it is kosher , but at least it would be selfish Roberto.

Francios Duval


robert benigni as gendarme jacques gembillie

burt kwouk as cato

herbert lom as commisioner charles dreyfus

debrah farentino as princess yasmin

claudia cardinale as maria

robert davi as hans zabra

graham stark as professor august balls

mike starr as hanif


dermot crowley as francios