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La Pantera Rosa #3 Editorial Mo Pa Sa (Argentina) 1977 - Art by Ricardo Violini

The Inspector is the main character in the series of cartoon shorts, The Inspector and the related The Inspector comics published by Western Publishing.

The cartoon/comic character is inspired by Inspector Clouseau from the live action films, but is distinctly different.

Sgt. Deux Deux vs The Commissioner

In the cartoons, the Inspector is teamed with Sergeant Deux Deux, but most of the Western Publishing comics feature The Commissioner opening and closing the stories, but the Inspector working alone, for the most part. Deux Deux does make a few appearances in the early comic stories.

Pink Panther and The Inspector

Even though the Pink Panther is the foil making Big Nose's life miserable, most of the comics book covers and puzzles that don't have the Pink Panther alone, features The Inspector and not Big Nose. Some time after the The Inspector comic series was cancelled, Big Nose appeared on the covers of some of the comics.

Inspector Clouseau Redesign

During the Golden era of Western Publishing merchandise, the character underwent a redesign to appear closer to the look of Peter Sellers as the Inspector Clouseau character. The Clouseau redesign saw use again during the American Mythology comics era. It's quite probable that the redesign was first created for the poster to Trail of the Pink Panther in 1982.

Media Featuring Redesign