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The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril


Wanderlust Interactive


BMG Interactive, Simon & Schuster Inc.


MGM/UA Family Entertainment, MGM Interactive



Released Date:

December 31, 1996 (NA)


Adventure game, Educational game


Single Player

The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril is a 1996 adventure computer game that teaches children about six different countries with the Pink Panther. The countries Pink visits are:England, Egypt, China, Bhutan, Indiaand Australia.

The Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus Pink is a sequel to Passport to Peril that was released on July 20, 1998.

The game has been dubbed into several languages.


The Pink Panther is sent by Inspector Clouseau, his employer in this game, to Camp ChillyWawa, a summer camp for gifted children, to protect the camp from a mysterious threat. Once there, he meets a group of multiethnic youngsters as well as the Little Man stock character from Pink's animated shorts in the role of a camp counselor. He also reconnects with an old friend of his, Von Schmarty, a scientist and caricature of Albert Einstein who shows him his numerous inventions.

Soon after Pink arrives, the children start acting strangely and contradictory to their nature, hating their camping experience despite Pink's every effort to appease them. Pink finds himself traveling around the world, followed by three dogs who claim to represent the "Better Camping Bureau", in order to solve the mystery and restore order to the camp.

Armed with a PDA (which stands for "Pink Digital Assistant") that contains information on the indigenous people, languages, clothing, entertainment, art, history, nature, and foods of each pertinent country in the game, Pink travels the globe fulfilling various tasks based on the children's needs and whereabouts. He eventually gathers enough evidence to prove that the dogs' leader, the Dogfather, is intent on ruining Camp ChillyWawa's reputation so it will be closed down, allowing him to open a lucrative fast food restaurant in its place. The Dogfather then reveals to Pink that he was able to replace the camp's children with robotic clones, programmed to hate the camp unconditionally. Pink engages in a final confrontation with the Dogfather and his henchmen, Pugg and Louie, as well as a traitorous Little Man that ends with all four villains sucked into a powered suction pump and the captured children released.

Returning in triumph to Inspector Clouseau's office, Pink turns down his next mission, an embarrassing cover job, and vows to leave the spy business.


  • Chelsea Altman - Chione, Pigeon
  • Barry Carrollo - Inspector Clouseau, Von Schmarty, The Dog Father, Nkuku, Reed Weaver, Rug Vendor, Patron in Cairo, Fox, Sir Baldly, Magazine Vendor, Big Nose
  • Michael DeBienville - Snake Charmer, Tea Guy, Spice Guy, Fruit Vendor
  • Jared Faber - Mourning Boy, Little boy in Pub, Frilled Lizard, Koala bear, Fadil, Ananda, Joey, Frank the bird
  • Lewis Faber - Homesick Clam
  • Michael Foran - Young Man with incense
  • Philip Galinsky - Coffee Vendor, Aboriginal man
  • Mike Gaylord - Clothing Vendor, Hurdy Gurdy Man
  • Tracy Gilbert - Snake, Smiling Woman
  • Valerie Gilbert - Indian mother in village, Flower Vendor, Woman dipping sari, Jain, Aboriginal woman
  • Andrew Hurley - Stable Boy, Little Boy in Parliament Sq., Rugby star #2, Priest at Durga's temple, Yaks 1 & 2
  • Emily Kapnek - Stewardess
  • Robert Linn - Wangley
  • John Lipow - Brass Vendor, Patron in coffee house
  • Mari Minges - Australia Info Woman
  • Michele O. Medlin - Brawling Camper #1, Chamunda, Calligraphy Boy, Little girls in village
  • Gavin Parker - Rugby star #1, Father in Parliament sq., Sir Manly, MP
  • James Petropoulos - Helicopter Pilot, Kebab Vendor
  • Paul Reisch - King of Bhutan
  • Joe Shane - Cow, Potter, Aardvark
  • Cheryl Sims - Cook in Bhutan
  • Neil Stewart - Jackson
  • Michael Tremain - Pink Panther, Kumoken, Young Li, Nigel, Fishing Guys, Great wall of China, Purple Gallinule, Louie, Captain, Paranoid Archer, Birds, Father in China


  • Lisa DeSimone
  • John Montagna
  • Jason Paige
  • C.E. Smith

Background Vocals

  • Evan Faber
  • Lisa Gentile
  • Shawana Kemp
  • Tayla

Additional Voices

  • John Fedinatz
  • John O'Cray


  • The 'Taj Mahal' song was sung by Jason Paige, best known for singing the original theme song to the English version of the Pokémon TV series.
  • Michael Sinterniklaas, who voiced the Pink Panther in this game, would later voice Leonardo in the 2003 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


The Pink Panther's Passport to Peril - Full Playthrough (Runtime: 4:32:05)

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