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I collect cartoon-related books, comics, puzzles and more from all over the world.

Currently working on a Comic Book called Kari Crock that I'm self-publishing to Comixology. It's about a crocodile lady flying a warehouse through space delivering books, death rays and whatnot to monsters and aliens throughout the universe. Her robot bosses don't like her very much.

I'm always excited about the new incarnations of old franchises.

See some of my books, comics, puzzles and colorings on Instagram.

Pink Panther - Jungle Safari - Crocodiles.jpg
Mo Pa Sa - Pink Panther 03 - The Inspector - Colored By me.png
El Tigre Nahuel - Nahuel the Tiger - Colors by me.png
Pink Panther vs Batula.jpg
Pink Panther vs Fishman.jpg
Pink Panther - At Castle Kreep.jpg
Pink Panther - Roller Derby.png
Pink Ink.png
Sgt. Deux Deux - Mo Pa Sa La Pantera Rosa 21 puzzle - Credits.png
The Inspector - Sea Trouble - Sea Si Sir.jpg
Sea Si Sir - Title Card - Credits.png
The Inspector - Ape Suzette - No Slip Ups - Credits.png
The Inspector - Le Quiet Squad - Title Card.png
The Inspector - Le Pig-Al Patrol - Title Card - Colored.png
The Inspector - Ape Suzette - Comic Title Card - Colored.png



Pink Panther Meets Scooby Doo - Pink Panther 19 Gold Key - Pink.png